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About Us

Imagine what could be. Then make it happen.

In 2013 a group of healthcare leaders in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri began discussing the need for a regional provider network to respond to the changing healthcare environment. More specifically, this group of independent health systems would help one another transition to value-based care. The result: the Enhance Health Network.

Today 59 independent health systems and nearly 3,000 providers across Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri are members of the Enhance Health Network. We provide a forum for members to jointly develop capabilities and share best practices to reduce inefficiencies and improve the care they deliver. By aligning geographically disperse health systems, we’re able to establish a comprehensive regional health network of leading providers — while preserving each member’s independence.

We’re committed to positioning our members for success in a value-based world and providing members with the ability to share services and gain economies of scale to lower operating costs. In doing so, each is better positioned to invest in enhancing the health of their communities.

Our Areas of Focus

Clinical Integration and Payor Contracting: Clinical Integration is defined as “an active and ongoing program to evaluate and modify the clinical practice patterns of the physician participants to create a high degree of interdependence and collaboration among the physicians to control costs and ensure quality.” Because of this, clinical integration directly reflects our mission to support the independence of our members while positioning them for success in a value-based world. By being an alliance of clinically integrated networks (CIN), Enhance can help members see even greater cost savings and quality improvements through heightened collaboration with payors.

Shared Services: Enhance believes in creating value for our members, which will lead to lower costs of care for patients. We’re working to create efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities through the following initiatives:

  • Joint purchasing of drugs, supplies, and physician preference items
  • Regional sharing and optimizing of staffing resources, including shared administrative support services
  • Effective cost management initiatives, including joint purchasing of IT infrastructure and software