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Why Enhance?

Enhancing health begins with innovative and proactive thinking.

Put a group of healthcare leaders in a single room and the possibilities are boundless. The Enhance Health Network consists of medical professionals who believe in caring for people. Individuals who want to make access to quality care easier – and more affordable. There’s great power in numbers, and we’re focused on creating ways to use our collective knowledge to help one another achieve more at a local, individual community level.

The Enhance Health Network combines innovation, collaboration and education to support individual providers as they move toward value-centered care. At its core, Enhance works to help healthcare providers not only survive, but also thrive, in a value-based healthcare environment by:


Creating a forum, healthcare systems, public health services, educators and other organizations can collaborate on community-centered healthcare solutions.


Organizing members from all facets of healthcare, fully integrated care teams bring a wealth of expertise and create opportunities for enhancing quality of care.


Empowering healthcare systems to gain and utilize the benefits of a regional provider network while maintaining their local independence.


Facilitating a proactive, patient-centered approach to health in communities of all sizes across the region, including Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri.


Focusing on the opportunity to share services through joint purchasing and information technology (IT) costs to provide greater savings for every member.


Sharing staff resources, including shared administrative support, creates operational efficiencies, which will save both time and costs.

As cost and reimbursement pressures continue to challenge health systems, we create opportunities to manage costs and enhance quality of care.